Flexibility of mind like flexibility of body

When our minds become flexible we do not suffer as much and we also do not cause others to suffer. Normally, we operate with a lot of judgment. We judge others and we judge ourselves. We react emotionally and we operate with a lot of assumptions. But when our mind becomes flexible, we don’t hang on to all these things. That means that we don’t stay stuck in bad moods or negative thinking. Flexible minds allow us to deal with whatever comes our way in other words we learn how to let things go.

We have all come to understand the importance of keeping our bodies flexible so meditation is a way of avoiding closed mental states.

When we start meditating as beginners we may feel bored. We should not feel surprised if that happens. Our minds are conditioned to crave distraction and that’s why it is important to know these three positive results of meditation. Knowing these results help inspire us to keep practicing!