Meditation Classes

Meditation class is a mixture of teaching about different subjects related to topics of meditation, metaphysics, consciousness. Throughout meditation class you will learn about energy healing tools, raising self awareness through slowing brainwaves, chakras as vortexes of energy, awakening heart center electro magnetic energy, DNA connection to energy through bio acoustic and bio electric reception/transmission, quantum field relation to manifesting our destiny, neuro scientific findings on brain heart coherence to improve overall health, breathing and visualization throughout meditating, body movements to awaken dormant energy field.  After teaching on variety of related subjects the student will experience meditation with energy healing tools, mantra music.   The classes last for about 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of meditating. Group meditating is possible up to size of 4 people maximum. Meditation classes are free to attend. If unable to attend a class students may also learn through 25 minute youtube video posted on the website: Antons meditation guide how to meditate