Basic Helpful Meditation Tips to Meditate Properly

These are some meditation tips you could find useful in your practice. Never meditate in a sleepy state or not fully awake. If we are even partly sleepy then we are still in unconscious state what makes it difficult for consciousness to arise. Do not meditate on a full stomach. It is recommended that you meditate on empty stomach or after a light meal to be opened for energy reception. If you follow history of great teachers like Buddha, the Christ both had practiced meditation by fastening for many days. Even though fastening can be an advantage in achieving deeper visions through meditating you can still eat light or practice meditation before eating. After all body is like a temple or a pyramid the more empty we are the more pure we are for transmission of energy. It is essential to eliminate any negative EMF (electro magnetic frequency) close to you like phones, televisions, computers, electrical devices that can emit negative EMF. Silence is very important to reach deeper states on meditation therefore it is important to have your private place where pets, family, friends will not interrupt your process.  I do not recommend group meditations for the same reason because any disturbing noise could prevent you from slowing down your brain waves to reach deeper states of self awareness. Although group meditation can be enriching after becoming more experienced. Different postures can be used in the process but I suggest lotus posture with legs crossed, palms up with some light support under your lower back to release stiffness through meditation. Music or mantras you use for meditating can be very important. It is recommended to meditate to high frequency sounds like OHM, various mantras, space sounds, ambient music that will allow you to relax more. My experience with using Shambhala Healing Tools meditation cd’s has been essential for enriching my meditation practices therefore i recommend you order some from their website.  Their mantras have specific words, sounds of Tibetan drums, singing bowls, OHM that produce a healing effect. I had also found this free radio station useful to elevate consciousness for short meditation sessions: 

Visualization is an important part of meditation. Focusing on energy just outside our spine rising in a shape of torsion, spiral, electron like spin helps to awaken our energy field. Since energy travels in spirals, waves you can use different symbols that resemble such shapes. Your could imagine peaceful place in nature, turning in to a spin of energy around a tree, just above a surface of land or sea. Focusing on visions outside your body will slowly take your consciousness to places of imagination. It is not recommended to envision people in meditation until you reach a deeper state with in meditation since it activates your logic mind. You can always send compassion or gratitude through energy to people at a deeper state of your meditation when certain energy balance is achieved. It is essential not to fight with your thoughts that arise through out meditation. Try to observe those thoughts by watching them through slow steady breathing do not fight the thoughts as it only creates counter ego in your practice. Thoughts will weaken on their own as you start paying less attention to them by focusing on breathing, visualization, bringing energy to your body like palms or spine area. Whenever thoughts arise in my practices I just observe and again bring attention consciously to my palms, spine and focus on circular flow of energy around me to change a focus of energy flow. What we focus on grows so we choose to focus on peaceful state to get better results. Feelings of compassion, gratitude will always elevate us to higher emotional levels that help in our practice. It is recommended to cleanse our energy field before meditating by doing yoga, chi gong, body movements mentioned in my meditation teaching video: Antons meditation guide how to meditate

Rhythmic breathing is everything in meditation. You can breath slowly conscious breaths 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out obviously without logical count by making it a natural in, out flow. On breathing out OHM word can have healing effect on our body, mind, spirit. The sound of OHM had been long associated with profound states of healing in the East. By slow conscious breathing process of in,out we create a coherence between a heart and a brain, align brain hemispheres, couple our magnetic field to that of the earth. It was proven by Heart Math Insitute that our heart produces electric field 100 stronger and magnetic field 5000 more powerful than our brain. Conscious breathing, focus of energy in the heart center of our body helps to activate our heart chakra ability for optimal torsion flow.