Yoga & Meditation

Free Yoga & Meditation Austin, Texas

Although this is not a yoga class i will demonstrate some similar to yoga exercises and discuss the resemblance of yoga with meditation. What yoga does for the body meditation can do for the mind. While yoga is primarily focused on breathing, postures to bring an alignment of brain hemispheres through making one self aware of body movements, meditation is seen as direct way to becoming more conscious. Most moves in yoga involve crossing hands/legs to opposite side of our bodies what in the process makes brain hemispheres communicate to each other. Similar synchronicity of brain hemispheres can be achieved throughout meditating. Since slower brain waves can be achieved by meditation one can have profound healing through unifying conscious with unconscious minds. According to science over 95 percent of what we think is dictated by our subconscious mind. Meaning that our reality is determined by our subconsciousness not our consciousness. In order to co create our destiny to make changes, meditation empowers us to gain access to parts of the bran hidden from us. In the East yoga, meditation have long been used to stimulate acupuncture meridians, acupuncture points with in the body. Healthy acupuncture system is considered to be a necessity for right energy flow to all body organs. Every cell in our body has electro magnetic receptors and communicate by DNA sending bio photons(also referred to as light particles or electro magnetic signals) which use acupuncture system as a network to communicate to other cells. Energy flow that can be achieved by practicing yoga, meditation is essential for healthy acupuncture system, DNA repair. The benefits of of yoga, meditation include aligning body systems for healthy functioning. Immune system to release more white cells. Lymphatic system improves blood circulation. Cardiovascular system to slow heart rate. Respiratory for more rhythmic  breathing. Endocrine balances hormonal levels. Digestive system alters from fight or flight mode to rest, digestion. Both practices of yoga and meditation connect us to conscious breathing allowing to shift our autonomous nervous system from sympathetic (outside threat) to parasympathetic (rest, digestion).