Free Meditation in Austin

Come and learn to meditate for free with us here in Austin, Texas. Our free meditation session will guide you to jump start your consciousness awakening skills. In just a short meditation session, I will show you how to focus your attention on your breathing as well as other techniques to take your meditation experience to a whole new level. You will learn to use etheric healing tools to connect to higher states of consciousness through your etheric body. You will learn some movements and breathing exercises to practice as a part of your meditation. We will teach you about role of chakras, sound, heart in healing yourself. Meditation class involves reading, body movement and energy healing tools for raising consciousness . This is a short session offered free to Austin residents to initiate an alternative meditation experience.

We all have an ability to meditate, but unfortunately routines of everyday life make us enslaved to our mind’s survival instincts, distracting us from our real purpose in life which is love and sharing love-light with others surrounding us. Meditation allows us to become more conscious, shifting our lower nature of ego to more self-awareness, presence, intuition, and form a compassionate connection to all around us. By being conscious of our thoughts and feelings, we create new reality as every thought and feeling influences actions that we take and consequences that build our destiny. The higher the frequency of your thoughts and feelings, the better reality you create.Through meditation you will learn to become more detached as the focus of meditation is shifting attention and connecting to a unified energy field around you rather than lower nature of your desires, illusion, and glamour that is fed by your ego. Physical effects of meditation include healing of the body, mind, and spirit. If you want to make changes in this world, then the changes must come from within.